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best place to eat, best restaurants, best places to eat




About Us:

Our purpose is to promote great restaurants. We are creating a national list of restaurants who have garnered some type of public recognition for their achievements in the cuisine field, whether it be awards, critic's columns or diner recommendations. Also those who have gained recognition in local periodicals and other public resources because of a known commitment to quality, cuisine, food and service. Not just the most expensive, but can be any restaurant, bistro, or other dining establishment who registers among the 'favorites' in the community. Restaurants are invited to join Best Places To Eat .com on this criteria.

Based in Seattle, this company strives for the highest standard of web commerce and marketing.

We are in strategic partnership with the world's largest diner interactive restaurant, b&b and hotel review guide, in order to bring you the latest in restaurant reviews.

Please read our MISSION STATEMENT here.

For the diner:

We seek out the most current information, introduce new chefs and restaurants,

We will showcase great restaurants to bring you great gastronomic experiences, as well as those who excel in service, ambiance, family oriented, landmarks and more.

We will also search out restaurants who have designed at least some part of their menu to cater to a diners dietary needs without him or her having to beg for special services.

We feature a marketplace with the idea of saving you time. When going out for a special occasion, one can come to this site and not only find that restaurant for a special occasion, but that special gift as well.

We strive to be a reliable source for great dining of all kinds.

Founder and Mission Statement